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Choosing a piano can be both an exciting and daunting process.

With acoustic, digital, and hybrid options available, where do you even begin?
We want you to be armed with the information you need to find the right piano for you!


A new or used piano is a worthwhile investment in any home. Choosing the right piano can be a difficult task. There are numerous piano sizes and configurations to consider along with various piano brands, features and of course pricing. The benefit of all of these piano options is that there is a piano to meeting every person's need. Kawai Piano Gallery of Michigan has a variety of pianos to suit every need and budget. If you live in Michigan we offer the finest selection of new and used pianos near you. Do you require the fast action and towering timbre of a grand piano or the compact arrangement of a lovely upright piano that will fit in a corner. Digital pianos offer a litany of modern features that are sure to delight while hybrid pianos offer the best of both worlds. Want to be delighted by the sound and visual spectacle of a piano that plays itself? Not to worry, the latest generation of player pianos will leave you mesmerized. With so many features and out expert staff with years of experience we can help you Find Your Piano.

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