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Piano Rentals, Piano & Organ Moving & Storage, Piano Tuning & Appraisals

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI is your local resource for aspiring musicians, families, and children who are developing their appreciation for the arts. While many of our customers initially come to us to purchase their first instrument, our goal is to form a life-long bond. This partnership continues by offering piano rentals, moving services, and instrument tuning.

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI's support team is ready to assist you with ALL your service and rental needs! Please contact the Kawai Piano Gallery of MI store nearest you.  We are glad to help! 

Piano Rental Services

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI's Piano Rental Service is an ideal way to start making music at an affordable price!  You can even apply your rental fees towards the purchase of a piano!  

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI offers several flexible options for allowing you to choose your rental plan. Whether you’re looking to rent for a special event, or to hone your piano playing skills with an in-home rental, Evola Music has the right fit for you!

Piano Moving  & Storage Services

We know your piano is a delicate instrument and a showpiece, but it is also a family heirloom and our movers treat it as such!  Whether you are moving to your new home or need to move a piano house to house, Kawai Piano Gallery of MI's movers have the expertise to make it easy.  We have the equipment, tools, wraps, lifts and techniques, and we are the only piano company in Southeast Michigan that owns its own trucks.

Since we have over one hundred collective years of piano moving experience - you can place your confidence in us!  After all, as Michigan's largest family-owned piano business, nobody cares for pianos like we do!  A piano is not just a delicate instrument; it's a showpiece, and will one day be a family heirloom. Whether you're purchasing it from another family or moving it to a new residence, putting your trust in a general moving company can be a big mistake. Kawai Piano Gallery of MI employs a professional piano moving team that knows how to safely transport pianos of all sizes and shapes. From uprights to grands, we have the proper tools and techniques to wrap, lift, and move your valuable asset without scratching, denting, or dropping it. After all, as Michigan's largest family owned retailer of pianos, nobody cares for pianos like we do. 

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI also offers PIANO STORAGE services, in our climate controlled warehouse.

Piano Tuning & Appraisal Services

Contact us about any of the following:

Tune my piano

How much to tune a piano?

Evaluate or appraise a piano I am thinking of buying

Repair a piano

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI employs a staff of qualified, experienced piano technicians. Each one is a Registered Piano Technician and member of the Piano Technicians Guild.  This assures each customer the most meticulous preparation of their piano. Our technicians are qualified to tune and service pianos of all makes and models – including baby grands, concert grands, and uprights. Evola Music professionals continue their education by keeping current with manufacturers' changes so they are always well prepared.