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Music Lessons

Private and Group Music Lessons from Kawai Pianos of Michigan

"Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them; a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” - Gerald Ford

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI is dedicated to ensuring you and your child experience the best musical foundation possible. It is our goal to instill in our students the necessary skills for a life-long appreciation of the musical arts by developing a clear understanding of basic techniques and the fundamentals of music. Most of all, we want you to enjoy your learning experience and have fun on your musical journey!

While learning a musical instrument is a fun activity, it can be especially beneficial for young children. Multiple studies have proven that learning a musical instrument can improve language development, spatial intelligence, and creativity. Those factors typically equate to improved academic performance and problem-solving.  Kawai Piano Gallery of MI's experienced instructors offer music lessons for kids to take advantage of those opportunities for growth!

We are proud to offer private lessons and a variety of group music education programs.

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Active Retiree Piano Program

Have you always wanted to play the piano?  Now is your chance!

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI is proud to represent the ACTIVE RETIREE PIANO PROGRAM. For the complete novice with no prior music experience or those who learned as a child, anyone can learn to play the Active Retiree easy way!

While you learn, you’ll maintain your health and wellness, enjoy a new hobby, and make new friends. You also will enjoy a variety of concerts and special events throughout the year. Contact your local Kawai Piano Gallery of MI Center for more information about our teachers and schedules, which vary by location.

Private Lessons for Kids


Our highly-skilled teachers have created individual lesson plans designed to fulfill your musical desires. Performance experience is encouraged through special workshops, ensembles, recitals and competitions. Private music lessons are available for piano, organ, guitar, violin, voice, and most band instruments. 

Kawai Piano Gallery of MI's instructors provide honest feedback regarding how your child is engaging in the process and developing ancillary skills and having fun. Contact your local Kawai Piano Gallery of MI Center for more information about our teachers and schedules, which vary by location. 


Register for Group Piano Lessons Online

Playing an instrument is the best investment for your child’s future! Research shows that children who play an instrument do better in school and easily learn discipline. Playing music relieves stress and gives the student a sense of achievement. Best of all, playing music is fun! Kawai Piano Gallery of MI's group piano lessons introduce children to the joys of music in a comfortable atmosphere with other children their age. Caring, experienced teachers guide your child through carefully planned weekly lessons and age-appropriate lesson books.

Adult Piano (ages 17+)
Preschool Beginner Piano (ages 4-6 with adult)
Youth Beginner Piano (ages 7-11) 

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Other Music Lessons 

Research has found that learning music helps facilitate learning other subjects, and enhances skills that we inevitably use in other areas. For instance, there are direct correlations between musical training and improved language development, IQ, academic performance, reasoning abilities, creativity, and problem solving. The professional educators at Kawai Piano Gallery of MI are here to help you begin your musical journey with a variety of instruments.

Youth Beginner Violin (ages 7-11)

Beginner Guitar (ages 10-12, ages 13+)
Learn to Sing (ages 6-14)
Ukulele - Play for Fun (ages 13+)
Lesson collage