Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning, Repair & Appraisal Services

There are two aspects to our TUNING AND TECHNICAL PIANO SERVICES:

#1:  Helping our customers enjoy their instrument over generations, by keeping it in proper tune and proper function in their home.

#2:  Evaluating and appraising pianos - whether it is:

  •  a family piano in your estate
  •  a piano you're thinking of acquiring from another party
  •  a piano that has suffered some damage that may be covered by insurance. 

For any of those situations, we have many years experience in inspecting and compiling comprehensive reports on what a piano needs to make it whole and enjoyable again.

Our technicians are REGISTERED MEMBERS of the PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD.  That, coupled with the multiple years of experience throughout our staff, allows Kawai Piano Gallery of Michigan to offer the most complete knowledge and recommendations on how to handle any situation regarding any piano.

From tuning your new piano for the first time to restoring your prized family instrument to like-new condition, and everything in-between – your goals can be accomplished with help from Kawai Piano Gallery of Michigan's technicians!